María Consuelo Sáiz Manzanares
University of Burgos, Spain

Effectiveness of the use of digital resources and artificial intelligence techniques in educational and health contexts.

Participants: María Consuelo Sáiz Manzanares; Sandra Rodríguez Arribas; María del Camino Escolar Llamazares; Gonzalo Andrés López; Raúl Marticorena Sánchez.

Digital transformation is one of the priority objectives of the 2030 Agenda. The European Union is betting on this transformation in various contexts, among which the educational and health fields stand out. This transformation must be based on the digital literacy of professionals. This symposium will address the results found in different experiences implemented in these areas as a result of the development of two projects co-financed by the European Union and an R+D+i project financed by the MICINN. Specifically, it will analyze the: 1) effectiveness of the use of virtual laboratories and gamification techniques in the learning of university students of Health Sciences; 2) usability of chatbot technology applied to learning in university contexts; 3) use of eye tracking technology for the analysis of learning patterns; 4) application of virtual reality techniques in the learning of industrial heritage; 5) training of early care professionals in technology and artificial intelligence. The results of these studies indicate that: 1) virtual laboratories and gamification experiences increase students' motivation towards learning; 2) chatbot technology has potential, although it contemplates problems of inclusion in virtual learning platforms, 3) the use of eye tracking technology facilitates the differentiation of learning patterns; 4) virtual reality techniques are highly effective in learning; 5) e-EarlyCare-T project is achieving high acceptance in the European framework by applying these technologies and techniques.

María Consuelo Saiz Manzanares has a degree in Psychology from the USAL, a degree in Educational Sciences from the UNED, a PhD in Psychology from the UVA, a PhD in Industrial Technologies and an Expert in Virtual Teaching from the UBU. She is also Director of UIC 348, GIR DATAHES and GID Blended B-LCS at UBU. She has also been a Psychologist in Early Attention Teams and a Secondary Education Teacher specializing in Psychology and Pedagogy for 21 years. She is currently a University Professor in the Area of Developmental Psychology and Education in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the UBU where she teaches in the degrees in Occupational Therapy, Nursing and in the Master in Health Research. Her research focuses on the study of the use of metacognitive strategies in different groups, the effectiveness of the use of digitalization techniques and artificial intelligence in learning and health. The result of this research has led to more than 54 articles published in international journals of impact, 20 books, 60 book chapters, published in SPI-registered publishers, and numerous invited papers in scientific congresses. He is PI in European, national and regional projects. She has 2 research grants and 1 knowledge transfer grant. In addition, she is a reviewer in numerous scientific journals. At management level, she has been Director of the Quality Assessment Area of the University of Burgos for more than 7 years CV.



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