Marta Martínez Vicente
University Isabel I of Castilla

Psychological strength and self-regulation of learning in university students.

Participants: Vanesa Martínez Valderrey; Sonia Alguacil Sánchez.

In the processes of knowledge construction, it is essential to manage the resources and strategies that are part of self-regulated learning. It is more relevant in the university population that attends their studies online, since they must start their cognitive, motivational and affective resources effectively (self-regulation of learning), as well as persist in their studies overcoming the difficulties and stress that this type involves. distance learning. There is no doubt, therefore, of the role that the emotional skills of the student also play, in a process in which they are the protagonist and active subject in the construction of their own learning process. Thus, they must potentially control and regulate certain aspects of their cognition, their motivation-affect and their behavior, also adapting to the context.

This symposium presents the results of a study whose general objective is to analyze the relationships between variables linked to emotional strength and self-regulated learning in students at an online university.

Marta Martínez Vicente is an accredited doctor assistant professor. She performs research and teaching functions in the Master's Degree in Neuroscience and Education and the Primary Education Degree at the Isabel I International University. In addition, she is a teacher and counselor in a private school. She has a Doctorate in Education, a Primary School teacher, a degree in Pedagogy from the University of Oviedo, a Master's in Research and Innovation, a Master's in Socio-educational Action with vulnerable groups, a Specialist in Hearing and Language, a Specialist in Therapeutic Pedagogy, a Specialist in Diagnosis and Emotional Education and Expert in Emotional Intelligence.

Within the Ui1 she is a member of the research group "Neuropsychology: Use of ICT as a means of working in emotional education, human behavior and developmental disorders" within the line Educational innovation through ICT. He currently coordinates the project "Affective-motivational self-regulation in the learning of Mathematics (UI1-Pi050)" within the Isabel I University. His line of research focuses on the study of anxiety and stress in the educational field, the functions executive skills, self-regulated learning, emotional intelligence, psychological and personal adjustment, as well as students' learning difficulties. In relation to these issues, she has numerous publications including articles in specialized magazines and book chapters. She regularly participates in talks and national and international conferences.

She is a member of the Spanish Society of Pedagogy (SEP), the EERA (European Educational Research Association), the WERA (World Education Research Association) and the SEAS (Spanish Society for the Study of Anxiety and Stress).



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