Águeda Parra Jiménez
University of Sevilla, España

Emerging adulthood in Spain in a gender perspective.

Participants: Javier García Manglano; Milagros Saínz Ibáñez; Jorge Manuel Dueñas Rada; Mari Carmen García Mendoza.

Emerging adulthood is the period of the life cycle, between 19 and 29 years of age, in which young people in developed countries, although legally adults, have not fully acquired the roles that define them as such. Emerging adults find themselves in a kind of limbo in which they are neither adolescents nor fully adult persons, which generates demands and needs, risks and opportunities that require a social response. This response should take into account the gender perspective, as there is ample evidence that gender is a fundamental and determining dimension of development. The aim of the symposium is to support with empirical evidence the knowledge of emerging adulthood in Spain and to provide clues for future interventions to increase well-being during these years. Four papers will be presented by prestigious national teams interested in the study of emerging adulthood. Professor Javier García Manglano's team will analyze the process of psycho-social maturation during these years, using the Identity Capital Model (Coté, 2016). Professor Milagros Sáinz will focus on the transition of young people to post-compulsory studies, presenting results on their health and degree of satisfaction according to gender and the type of post-compulsory studies chosen. Professor Jorge Manuel Dueñas will analyze the relationship between coming out of the closet in different social environments and its relationship with subjective well-being in LGBTI+ people. Finally, Professor Mari Carmen García-Mendoza will discuss the influence of family relationships on identity development through the Dual Cycle Model (Luyckx et al., 2005). All papers will be based on the gender perspective.

Águeda Parra Jiménez is Associate Professor in the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Seville. Her research interests focus on the evolutionary stages of adolescence and emerging adulthood from a gender perspective, paying special attention to the family as a privileged context of development during these years. She has participated in and directed different R+D+i projects, published more than 40 articles in prestigious national and international scientific journals and more than a dozen book chapters. However, his interest in adolescence and emerging adulthood is not restricted to the scientific and academic field. Thus, he has participated in various projects funded by public and private entities with a clear transfer component, which have resulted in resources for working with families and young people for gender equality.




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