Verónica Moreno Campos
University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Executive functions and learning in language disorders.

Participants: María González-Nosti; Olga Ivanova; lena Garayzábal; Irene Hidalgo; Verónica Moreno Campos;

Introduction: Executive functions develop during the early stages of neurodevelopment and determine much of the learning we do, both as children and adults. Executive functions are responsible for the main monitoring, attention and selection processes that regulate the user's interaction with the world through language. Therefore, a dysfunction in executive functions is related to a specific language disorder. In this symposium, 4 investigations are proposed where the relationship between dysfunctions in one or some executive functions with their correlate in language is investigated.

Methods: The diversity of methodologies of the communications of the symposium is mentioned, highlighting their common aspects and differences that enrich the final result.

Results: The most interesting results of the different papers included in the symposium are mentioned in a very general way.

Discussion: The implications of the papers are explained, highlighting their possible applications in Psychology and Education, within the chosen thematic line.





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