Ana B. Bernardo Gutiérrez
University of Oviedo, Spain

The phenomenon of university dropout. Explanatory models and intervention experiences.

Participants: Bernardo, A. B.; López-Angulo, Y.; Sáez-Delgado, F.; Mella-Norambuena, J.; Cervero, ATuero, E.; Galve, C; Núñez, J.C.; Sáez-Delgado, F.; Díaz-Mujica, A.; Casanova, J.R.; Almeida, L.S.; 

This symposium consists of four papers that will help us shed light on the questions posed by college dropout and what possible intervention measures can be adopted to intervene in this phenomenon. The first paper presents an explanatory model of dropout that emphasizes the importance of academic goals and social satisfaction for academic success. In the second paper, the influence of academic self-regulation on college dropout is addressed and a program applied in the classroom is presented.  The third paper presents the 4Planning program, a mobile application to promote student retention.  The last paper will address the issue of how to prevent academic dropout in the first year of studies by presenting an intervention experience with undergraduate students in the area of Education.


Ana B. Bernardo Gutiérrez holds a PhD in Psychology and is a Professor in the area of Developmental and Educational Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oviedo. Since 2002 she belongs to the research group ADIR (School Learning, Difficulties and Academic Achievement) of the same university. She has participated in several research projects, both national and international, on the challenges that Higher Education brings to students, teachers and university institutions. In addition, he has participated in numerous educational innovation projects, which aim to deepen the improvement of the quality of university education. As a result of these studies, he has published numerous articles in scientific journals, book chapters and participated in scientific meetings. 



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