Rebeca Cerezo Menéndez
University of Oviedo, Spain

APPrendeRtI: detection and early intervention of learning difficulties in reading from the RtI model.

Participants: Lorena González Sánchez; Amanda Abin Alvarez; Estrella Fernández Alba; Tania Pasarín-Lavín 

The high prevalence and impact on school failure of Specific Learning Difficulties in reading is a widespread concern in today's societies. In recent times, we are facing a paradigm shift in the approach to the problem. While the previous paradigm was based on a specific assessment through standardized tests that would determine the specific difficulties of the student, we are now looking for a more integrated model of assessment-intervention based on Response to Intervention (RtI). The aim of this symposium is to deepen, through different works, in the design and implementation of an integrated assessment and intervention tool based on the paradigm of Response to Intervention (RTI), with which the teacher becomes a key point in the process of prevention, detection and subsequent evolution of Specific Learning Difficulties. For this purpose, an adaptive App based on the RTI model has been developed, with 3 intervention modalities: one based on reading tasks and prerequisites, another on executive function and a combined one, for the 1st and 2nd grades of Primary Education.  A multimodal and adaptive assessment-intervention tool, focused on student progress rather than difficulties.  The implementation and testing of the effectiveness of the APPrendeRtI tool provides an empirical and integrated assessment-intervention model in which teachers would become key figures in the process of detection, intervention and subsequent progress of students with reading difficulties.

Rebeca Cerezo is full professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oviedo. Co-author of more than 50 scientific articles, mostly published in JCR indexed journals. She has published 10 book chapters in prestigious publishing houses and more than 100 contributions to international conferences. She has participated in several regional, national and European research projects and is currently PI of a national project of the Ministry of Science and Innovation on Learning Difficulties. He has supervised 6 Doctoral Theses, with others in progress. She has an H Index of 16 in WOS and is responsible for the editorial management of the journal Psicothema since 2015, indexed in the first quartile of JCR. During her academic career she has also worked at the University of Minho (Portugal), at the University of California at San Francisco, at McGill University (Canada), and at the University of Sydney, as a predoctoral researcher, postdoctoral researcher, and visiting professor.



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