Maria Eugenia Martin Palacio
Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

Lomloe in the occupational health of teachers and the burnt-out teacher syndrome. Background for reflection.

Participants: Maria Eugenia Martin Palacio; Jose Antonio Bueno Alvarez; Angelo José Cárdenas Pasmiño; Andrés Fernando Avilés Dávila; Cristina Di Giusto Valle; Cesareo Garcia; Carolina Muñoz Villanueva; Bianca Dapelo Perellano

The LOMLOE aims to repeal the LOMCE and update the LOE. Without going into an in-depth analysis of the reasons that justify this change, carried out in haste and without prior and extensive consultation with the educational community, it is a fact that has caused unease that will undoubtedly have repercussions on the occupational health of teachers with the multiple consequences that this entails in terms of sick leave, absences and lack of motivation to carry out their work. In line with these facts, it is of interest to hold a symposium to analyse the occupational health indices of teaching staff prior to the implementation of the LOMLOE, taking several models as a reference for this analysis: The occupational health model of Fernández-Puig, Longas, Chamarro and Virgili both in its manifestations of health loss (Exhaustion, Cognitive disorders, Voice disorders and Musculoskeletal disorders) and in its manifestations of health gain and well-being (Self-efficacy and Satisfaction); The construct of Maslach, C. and Jackson, S. (1981); The construct of Maslach, C. and Jackson, S. (1981). and Jackson, S. (1981, 1986) in educational contexts related to Burnout syndrome dimensioned in Exhaustion, Depersonalization and Personal Accomplishment; And the construct of Efficient or mature Personality proposed by Martin Del Buey, Martin Palacio and Di Giusto integrated by the dimensions of Self-esteem, Self-concept, Motivation, Attribution, Expectations, Coping with Problems, Decision-making, Communication, Empathy and Assertiveness and its relationship with the indices of Occupational health and Burnout syndrome.

Professor of the Department of Research and Psychology in Education at the Complutense University of Madrid. Coordinator of the interuniversity research team GOYAD composed of academics and doctoral students from the Universities of Oviedo, Complutense, Huelva, Burgos (Spain) and the Universities of Playa Ancha, Viña del Mar and Los Leones (Chile) and member of the research group "Psychology, development and educational intervention" of the UCM. Author of numerous scientific publications, both national and international, in the field of educational psychology, her main lines of research being the Development of Effective Personality, Strategic Information Processing and Models of Analysis of the Educational Situation. She is an evaluator of scientific journals and technical advisor to Latin American universities.



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