Juan Pascual-Leone
Physician and psychologist specialising in developmental psychology. Professor Emeritus, University of York (Canada)


Dr. Juan Pascual-Leone, a world-renowned doctor and psychologist specialising in developmental development, has stood out for his research on cognitive development from a neo-Piagetian approach. His main contributions are framed within the Theory of Constructive Operators, in which it is possible to see the balanced combination of his knowledge in neuroscience, cognition and Developmental Psychology (original integrative perspective).

He is one of the most internationally cited Spanish researchers and a leader in the specificity of his germinal research: ontogenetic cognitive evolution (attentional capacity throughout life and its measurements, its cerebral correlates and its implications in other domains, such as language).

His scientific output is abundant and of high quality, as attested by the journals in which his contributions have been published: Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Development, Human Development, Intelligence, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, among others. He has also written a considerable number of chapters and books.

He is currently Professor Emeritus at York University (Toronto), and together with his partner and wife Janice J. Johson, they have published the book "The Working Mind: Meaning and Mental Attention in Human Developmentally: Clarifying the nature of human intelligence".

He will soon receive the academic recognition of an honorary doctorate from the University of Valencia. At the XI Congress of Psychology and Education he will give a joint talk on "Schemes and capacities of the mind".




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