Ana María Casino García
Universidad Católica de Valencia "San Vicente Mártir", Spain

Socio-emotional development and well-being of highly able pupils.

Participants: Gemma Ochando Perales, Teresa Gallego Álvarez, Ana M. Casino García, Fabiola Baquero Gomide,  Lucía I. Llinares Insa

Concern among education and school guidance professionals about the well-being of highly able students has increased in recent decades. However, studies on their socio-emotional development and psychosocial adjustment are scarce and present contradictory results. Although in principle it seems that there are no significant differences in mental pathology, some indicators point to them as a vulnerable group. Some of the variables that seem to influence the results refer to the type of ability, the educational adjustment, the emotional support of their families and the personal characteristics of each child/adolescent.

In this symposium, different communications on the subject are presented. Firstly, the mental health of these pupils is analysed, emphasising the need to detect situations of double exceptionality for their correct attention: ASD, ADHD, dyslexia... (Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La FE de Valencia). The next two contributions focus on discovering the conditions of the social contexts that favour or hinder their growth and development: the socio-emotional needs of adolescents (University of Cantabria) and the social support perceived by their families (University of Valencia). Finally, the last two will present some educational experiences that have had a positive impact: the first focused on empowerment and teacher training for the development of enrichment programmes (Catholic University of Valencia "San Vicente Mártir"); the second addressing artistic expression as a reflection of the self-concept and emotional intelligence of students with high abilities (case study, University of Cantabria).

PhD in Pedagogy in 2005, accredited (2006), degree in Psychology (1995) and teacher (1991). Lecturer at the Catholic University of Valencia "San Vicente Mártir" from 1995-1996 to the present. She has taught subjects in the area of Inclusive Education in Teacher Training (Infant and Primary Degrees), Master's Degree in Secondary Education and in the Master's Degree in Inclusive Education (of which she was co-director from its launch in 2012 until 2015, participating in its design). She is the Principal Researcher of the team Atención a las NEAE: Alta Capacidad, Niño Adoptado, Niño Internacional y TIC and has numerous participations in conferences and publications and a recognised six-year research period (CNAI). Advisor and founding member of the International Child Unit at the Hospital Universitario La Fe in Valencia since 2009. Director of the extracurricular enrichment programme for high school students of high abilities of the UCV 2017-18 and 2018-19 editions and of the pilot enrichment programme "Curiosamente leemos" (edition 2022-23). Researcher of the Project: Educational Needs of Teachers in the EU for Inclusive Education in a Context of Diversity (INNO4DIV). Member of the faculty of the European Institute of Education for Democratic Culture of the Catholic University of Valencia (ECUDEM-UCV).



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