Magdalena P. Andrés Romero
University of Almería, Spain

Ajuste e impacto psicológico del confinamiento por COVID-19 en las familias.

Participantes: Juan Miguel Flujas Contreras, Inmaculada Gómez Becerra, Pilar Sánchez López, Mercedes Fernández Torres, Manuel Soriano Ferrer

The abrupt changes in social and family dynamics and habits that have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have been unprecedented in modern society and have consequently affected the psychological well-being of the population. The aim of this symposium is to show some of the results of different research related to the weaknesses, but also strengths detected in Spanish families during this confinement. Specifically, and in relation to the concerns, fears and changes in routines detected, the analysis of variables related to strategies and psychological adjustment produced in adults (stress and resilience) and their perception of psychological adjustment in children and young people, in general, and in children with chronic illnesses and other neurodevelopmental problems (including dyslexia), in particular, both in psychoemotional and psychoeducational variables, is addressed. The practical implications of this work are also discussed.

Assistant Professor at the University of Almeria. She has spent most of her working life as psycho-educational manager and later, between 2012 and 2017, coordinator of the services and benefits within the management assignment "Virtual Support for Teaching and Academic Quality" in the Unit of Support Technologies for Teaching and Virtual Teaching of the University of Almeria, combining this work with part-time teaching. She has taught in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies and teacher training courses; she has participated in cooperation, research and innovation and transfer projects, as well as collaborated in various publications in scientific journals, book chapters and monographs. Ex aequo prize for Social Involvement in Andalusian Public Universities awarded by the Forum of Social Councils of Andalusian Public Universities for the project "Development of Educational Materials through the Service-Learning Methodology" (2013).



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