Aitor Larraceleta González
University of Oviedo, Spain

Autism in the school environment: current realities and future challenges.

Participants: Débora Areces, Ane Bermejo, Aitor Larraceleta, Pilar Arnaiz-Sánchez, David Saldaña

This symposium will consist of five papers. The first one will be given by professors from the University of Oviedo and will deal with a review work about executive functions in population with ASD and ADHD. Secondly, we will have the contribution of GAUTENA (Guipuzcoa Autism Association) about MECI (Matrix Evaluator of Maladaptive Behaviours), a data recording instrument that uses a three-dimensional structure in the form of a matrix to collect information about maladaptive behaviour, when and where it happens. Thirdly, teachers from the University of Oviedo and the Regional Ministry of Education of the Principality of Asturias will present their communication on a pilot study on evidence-based training for teachers who teach students on the autism spectrum. Fourthly, lecturers from the University of Murcia will present their research related to the forgotten issues in the inclusion processes of students with ASD, pointing out the main barriers that the educational community highlights in the inclusive education of these students. Finally, professors from the University of Seville will present their communication on a series of experiments that evaluate self-regulation strategies in the reading comprehension of students with autism in secondary education, as well as the application of an online intervention based on reading supervision.

Aitor Larraceleta González holds a diploma in Speech Therapy and a diploma in Teaching from the University of Oviedo, an expert in school coexistence from the UNED and a master's degree in Socio-educational Intervention and Research from the University of Oviedo. Nowadays, he works as a career civil servant teacher in the Regional Team ACNEAE of the Regional Ministry of Education of the Principality of Asturias and combines it with his doctorate studies on teacher training in relation to the evidence-based practice addressed to pupils in the autism spectrum. He has developed most of his professional career teaching these pupils in different stages, contexts and educational modalities, collaborating assiduously in numerous training activities related to autism and communication and language both for the educational administration of the Principality of Asturias (including the work of advisor of attention to diversity in a centre of teachers and resources), and with other administrations and organisations of the rest of Spain and Latin America. Author and co-author of different publications on autism in educational environment in indexed and informative journals, as well as of the guide "Alumnado con TEA: Orientaciones para planificar la respuesta educativa" of the Consejería de Educación del Principado de Asturias.



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