Raquel Fidalgo Redondo
University of León, Spain

The Strategic Mastery of Writing Competence: Technological-Methodological and Preventive Advances in Learning Difficulties.

Participants: Olga Arias-Gundín, Celestino Rodríguez, José Carlos Núñez, Gert Rijlaarsda, Paula López, María Victoria González-Laguna, Raquel Fidalgo, Sara Real Castelao, Mark Torrance, María Arrimada.

The study of written composition from psychological perspectives has undergone significant progress in recent years, driven at two levels: by the rise of new technologies that have opened the doors to new instructional designs and techniques and instruments for on-line assessment of cognitive and strategic processing; and by advances at the methodological level, with the promotion of more complex designs and data analysis at the research level and new approaches based on scientific evidence for the optimization of the acquisition of written competence and the prevention of learning difficulties around the assumption of multilevel support system models. In line with these developments, four papers are presented in this symposium. At the level of assessment, with regard to the understanding of the processes involved in written composition and their role in the acquisition of written competence, a study is presented focusing on the analysis of latent profiles in written composition, specifically in relation to the cognitive processes involved in textual revision, their typology and nature, and their relationship with textual quality. Two of them focus on the componential analysis of strategic and self-regulated writing instruction aimed at improving students' writing competence in general. One of them, an empirical review and meta-analysis, deals with a systematic analysis of the instructional design of different strategic instruction programmes developed in digital environments and their effectiveness based on the instructional sequence of learning episodes and their digital or non-digital nature. Another study, of an empirical nature, analyses the effectiveness of the different instructional components included in strategic and self-regulated instruction for the improvement of students' writing skills and their transferability. Finally, at the level of prevention of learning difficulties in writing, an empirical study is presented focusing on the efficacy of the response to intervention model for the prevention of learning difficulties in writing through the application of two levels of intervention and the monitoring of the students' learning curve in relation to textual quality and the use of online assessment measures of the writing process.

Professor in the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of León. She teaches on the Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education, Master's Degree in Research in Psychology and Educational Sciences and Doctorate in Educational Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of León. Director of the CAEL Research Group (Cognition and Learning of Writing and Reading); an international and interdisciplinary research group, recognised as a Consolidated Research Unit by the Junta de Castilla y León (UIC 309). Her main line of research focuses on the study of written composition from a psychological perspective and an educational approach centred on the optimisation of its acquisition and the prevention of learning difficulties. She is the author of numerous articles published in scientific journals of international prestige. She has participated in and/or directed various national and international competitive research projects. She has also supervised several doctoral theses in recent years, all of them qualified with outstanding cum laude, and distinguished in some cases with the extraordinary doctoral prize of the University of León and the award of FPU pre-doctoral grants from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and FPI from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. She is currently Co-Editor of the Studies in Writing Series (, and is the Spanish representative on the Management Committee of the European Literacy Network (



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