Juan José Zacarés González
University of Valencia, Spain

Generativity in older adults and ageing well.

Participants: Alejandro Iborra Cuéllar, Susana Domínguez Santos, Eduardo Sandoval-Obando, Clicia Jatahy-Peixoto, Sacramento Pinazo Hernandis, Feliciano Villar, Juan José Zacarés

Generativity represents in the adult person the desire and active involvement in promoting the well-being of others, while leaving a positive legacy of self. It is a classic notion formulated by Erikson over sixty years ago but has been vigorously renewed in the present century. Generativity lies behind many adult activities and roles in various family, work and community settings and is a key element in their psychological well-being. The symposium aims to provide an updated view of research on generativity in the Ibero-American context, in which two lines of work have stood out: interest in the role of generativity in the teaching profession and the generative component of "good ageing". Both lines merge in this symposium, which offers complementary perspectives on the development of generativity with ageing in different profiles of older adults who express their motivations and generative behaviours. The use of in-depth interviews was methodologically common to all papers. The first one assesses in primary and secondary school teachers the role of previous generativity and the achievement of integrity throughout the transition to retirement. The second contribution reflects the experience of long-serving teachers in Chilean rural schools, with the various generative implications for their personal and professional development. The third contribution deals with the experience of volunteering among older Spaniards and Brazilians: motivations, benefits and barriers as well as how volunteering can be a particularly suitable path to generativity and well-being in old age. Finally, the fourth paper illustrates various generative facets in older people ageing with disabilities and how disability is not an impediment to generativity.

PhD in Psychology (University of Valencia, 1994). Lecturer in the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Valencia. Coordinator of the PhD in Psychogerontology at the UV from 2009 to 2012. Director of the official Master's Degree in Psychogerontology since 2014 and interuniversity coordinator of the same. From a life cycle perspective, his areas of specialisation are two: a) psychosocial development in adolescence and emerging adulthood (identity, autonomy and family relationships, criteria for adulthood); b) personal development in adulthood and ageing, with special interest in the processes of psychosocial maturation and the tasks of generativity and integrity. She is a member of the Gerontology Research Group at the University of Barcelona directed by Professor Feliciano Villar, in which she has participated in various projects on generativity in old age and its relationship with active ageing. She is also a member of the interdisciplinary group Transicions of the University of Valencia on education, training and employment in contexts of social vulnerability (GIUV2013-093). His recent publications include the joint publication of the report "La formación en las Escuelas de Segunda Oportunidad (E20) acreditadas en España : perfil, trayectoria y condiciones de éxito de las y los jóvenes" (Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional, 2021 ) and the co-edition of the book with Professors Eduardo Sandoval-Obando and Alejandro Iborra, "Generatividad y desarrollo humano: experiencias y modelos actuales para el bienestar psicológico" (RiL editores- Universidad Autónoma de Chile, 2022).



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