Olga Gómez Ortiz
University of Cordoba, Spain

The family context as a determinant of parental stress and its personal and social impact.

Participants: Andrea Roldán Barrios, Carmen Sánchez Sánchez, María Ortiz Alba, Gema Linde Valenzuela

Parental stress is an emotional process that parents develop when they perceive that the demands associated with the development of their parental role exceed the resources they have available to meet them. It is an adaptive emotional process that usually manifests itself throughout the development of parenting and fosters attention and involvement in the parental role. However, when its levels are very high or its presence begins to be a constant in the life of the parental figures, this process generates a negative personal impact that can extend to the family nucleus itself. From this point of view, it is necessary to know what are the consequences related to parental stress and the factors that could condition it and to which, therefore, attention should be paid with regard to the design of prevention initiatives. This symposium aims to examine the role of child temperament and gender role attitudes and behaviours, such as maternal gatekeeping, in relation to parental stress, as well as their impact on parents' life satisfaction and their predisposition to have more children. The results show that child irritability and the development of inhibiting attitudes towards partner involvement in mothers foster the development of parental stress. In turn, this process negatively impacts the life satisfaction of parental figures and minimises their predisposition to have more children. The personal and social implications of these findings are discussed.

I am a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cordoba linked to the LAECOVI research group (  

Most of my research revolves around the family as a context for human development. Specifically, I have examined the influence of parental educational styles on adolescent psychosocial development and involvement in peer violence phenomena (bullying and cyberbullying). 

I am currently developing other lines that focus on parental figures and the emotional processes they develop as a result of not being able to properly reconcile family tasks with those derived from other spheres of life, as well as their possible causes and individual and social consequences. Among these emotional processes, guilt linked to family-work conflict and parental stress stand out. This is the aim of the IMEPA project (PSI2019-111241RA), funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, in which I am Principal Investigator (PI).

Social competence has been another of my key research constructs. Currently, I am also one of the PIs of the Spanish team of the European project BOOST with reference number 755175 (H2020) whose objective is to design and test the effectiveness of an intervention programme based on the promotion of social and emotional competence to foster resilience and mental health in primary school children.

More detailed information about my career can be found on my website (



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