Vicent Rosell Clari
University of València, Spain

Funciones ejecutivas y lenguaje en personas con trastornos de origen neurológico.

Participantes: Vicent Rosell Clari, Jordi Peña Casanova, Carlos Herández Sacristán, Teresa Cervera Crespo

Introduction: The ageing of the population has generated an increase in chronic diseases and comorbidities, with Alzheimer's disease (AD) being frequent. The aim of three communications is to deepen our knowledge of cognitive impairment in dementias. A fourth communication studies the effects of direct transcranial electrical stimulation (dTES) in people with aphasia. Methods: Medical records were collected, screening tests and scales were administered, followed by the MetAphAs test or the Verbal-Executive Protocol. In two communications, the results obtained by a control group (healthy older adults (N =25 and 30, respectively)) were compared with the experimental group (Alzheimer=22; MCI=31)). The MetAphAs test was administered to a sample of 40 persons (AD=20; Logopenic aphasia=20). The EETd was administered to 13 people with aphasia, in a 4-week crossover (active-placebo) clinical trial with a 2-week "washout" period. Results: Significant group differences were observed in the MetAphAs test and the Verbal-Executive Protocol. Significant differences were found between pre- and post-test sessions, in the sessions with active EETd, not observed in the placebo condition. Conclusions: The Verbal-Executive Protocol is shown to be a useful tool for discriminating between healthy older adults and people with Alzheimer's or MCI. The MetAphAs test allows differentiating metalinguistic profiles in people with AD and logopenic aphasia. TEEd may be an effective technique in the treatment of patients with post-stroke aphasia with mild-moderate severity. Further studies are needed to obtain more consistent results.

Doctor in Psychology and Registered Speech Therapist. Full Professor at the University. He has participated in competitive research projects (7 projects) and has carried out stays in national (Hospital del Mar. Barcelona. Best-20019 Programme) and international (University of Poitiers. France. Best-2012 Programme) centres financed with public funds.

Her work focuses on the joint study of executive functions and language. Of the books published, the following stand out: "MetAphAs. Protocol for exploring natural metalinguistic skills in aphasia" (2014), which has been translated and adapted, in addition to English (2018), into Italian (2019), Portuguese (2020) and Brazilian Portuguese (2021). Of the articles published in international journals: Aphasiology, Journal of Neurolinguistics, Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, Journal of Communcation Disorders or CoDAS; and in national journals: Revista de Investigación en Logopedia, Revista de Logopedia, Foniatría y Audiología, Psicothema or Pragmalingüística. Some of these works are the result of international collaborations such as those published with authors like Jonathan E. Macdonald, Ana Paula McKay, Bastiaanse or Josie Bernicot, and most of them have been developed through funding obtained from research projects. 

From December 2015 to the present she has been directing the Speech Therapy Clinic of the Fundació Lluís Alcanyís - Universitat de València and the "Grupo de Investigación Multidisciplinar en Logopedia" of the Universitat de València.



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