Mª Piedad Sahuquillo Mateo
University of Valencia, Spain

Family intervention and reparation of the impact of maltreatment in childhood-adolescence: contributions from the restorative model. An integrative proposal.

Participants: Esther Ciscar Cuñat, Concepción Martínez Vazquez, Susana Torío López, Josep Lluís Oliver Torelló

The dynamism and growing complexity of today's society places us in a context in which there are constant and sometimes dizzying changes that affect families and children and adolescents in particular, as they need educational fabrics that are capable of responding, evolutionarily and adaptively, to their changing needs; a social context where the enormous gaps that many families experience, at different levels, when it comes to building a context of well-being for their members are evident.

Situations in which this is not the case are particularly worrying, especially because of the impact and, not infrequently, the traumatisation that they can generate. Intervention proposals are needed that are based on a model that seeks to re-establish the capacities and potential of parents or carers to attend to their needs and promote resources to achieve an improvement in the functioning and dynamics of the family.

Despite the progress made, there is still a long way to go to try to cover the important shortcomings that the system and the processes involved in child protection continue to present, as well as society as a whole. And all of this entails important challenges, both in the framework of families of origin and in any type of family, as bonding references that must guarantee the processes of personal and social development, the satisfaction of children's and adolescents' needs and overall wellbeing.

Professor of "Family and Minors" in the Department of Theory of Education at the Universitat de València. Director of the same Department since 2018. Extraordinary Doctorate and Bachelor's Degree Award. Her teaching and research activity focuses, primarily, in the areas of Family and Minors and Teaching-Learning Processes and Strategies and Methodologies (especially in the field of University Pedagogy), with Theses directed on these topics as well as research projects and publications in scientific journals and collective works. He is also a lecturer in different Masters and Postgraduate courses, in which he teaches subjects related to the aforementioned fields. She also directs the research group GRIFAIN whose main objective is to develop research and training actions for the knowledge and improvement of the educational reality of different families, children and adolescents, from an ecosystemic perspective, good treatment, resilience and positive parenting.



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