Eva Vicente Sánchez
University of Zaragoza, Spain

Assessment aimed at improving individual functioning in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Participants: Eva Vicente Sánchez, Verónica Marina Guillén Martín, Cristina Mumbardó Adam, Sonia Hernández Hernández

Introduction: Assessment in the field of intellectual disability is approached as a process of systematic collection of information with three different functions: diagnosis, classification and planning of individualised supports, the latter being the main purpose at present. An assessment from the perspective of the support paradigm requires the development of standards and assessment tools that allow the identification of the characteristics and needs of the person, not for the purpose of establishing categories or labels, but with the aim of developing programmes or proposals aimed at improving their functioning in different areas. Method: The aim of this symposium is to show the advances in the development of professional standards for the assessment of people with intellectual disabilities. Results: To this end, different complementary lines of research are presented for: (a) the assessment of the articles of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) through items measuring personal outcomes in people with IDD, organised around the eight dimensions of quality of life; (b) the assessment of personal self-determination based on information drawn from different informants, on the one hand, (b1) information provided by the person themselves about themselves and on the other hand (b2) information from third parties; and finally, (c) the assessment of the pragmatic dimension in people with intellectual disabilities. Discussion: We discuss the empirical findings obtained in each of the lines of research and identify future lines of research in the development and application of the assessment proposals presented and which allow the development of evidence-based practices.

Keywords: assessment, intellectual and developmental disabilities, supports, self-determination, language.


Eva Vicente Sánchez. Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, and attached to the Department of Psychology and Sociology at the University of Zaragoza. Degree in Psychology (2008), Master's Degree in Disability Research (2012) and PhD from the University of Salamanca (2013), with Cum Laude and extraordinary doctorate award.

Research activity as part of the EDUCAVIVA research group recognised by the Government of Aragon and as an external member of the University Institute for Community Integration (INICO) of the University of Salamanca.

Participation in national, regional and international research projects, highlighting a national R+D+i project led as PI (PSI2016-75826-P) aimed at the evaluation of self-determination in people with intellectual disabilities.

Experience in the dissemination of results both at scientific conferences and through publications in scientific journals of impact. Co-author of several assessment scales in the field of intellectual disability.

Teaching activity in Degree and Master in the Faculty of Education, in subjects oriented to the development of future teachers committed and competent in an inclusive school, and in the educational attention to students with needs.

Preferred line of research focused on the field of intellectual disability and self-determination. Diagnostic assessment of support needs, quality of life and self-determination in the field of disability. Individualised support planning and promotion of self-determination.



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