Ángel De-Juanas Oliva
UNED, Spain

Leisure and well-being in youth: challenges and opportunities to improve coexistence. 

Participants: Ángel de Juanas Oliva, Francisco Javier García-Castilla, Hossein Hossein Mohand, Hassan Hossein Mohand, Javier Páez Gallego, Jesús Manuel Pérez Viejo, Ángel Luis González Olivares, Jorge Díaz Esterri, Diego Galán Casado, Miguel Urra Canales, Julio Alfonso Novoa López, Jorge Pizarro MartínezLorena Marín de la Peña

Introduction: During youth and, more specifically, during adolescence, there is a predominance of physical, hormonal and cognitive transformations that affect people's relationships and coexistence in all spaces and times, whether leisure or non-leisure. One of the most relevant leisure practices that stands out repeatedly in the scientific literature is physical and sporting activity. Especially, because of its relationship with self-esteem, emotions and physical appearance. The aim of this study was to identify the characteristics, relationships and influence of physical activities, leisure and self-esteem in young people. Method: A systematic review was carried out based on the PRISMA methodology in which different selection criteria were used to select those empirical publications related to this topic that were published in the last five years and which are available in the following databases: Web of Science, Scopus and Psycinfo. Results: Once the search was conducted, a screening and selection process was carried out, which allowed us to select 35 manuscripts in which five different approaches were highlighted: sedentary lifestyles and youth produced by the COVID-19 pandemic, health behaviours and exercise, physical activity in leisure time, behaviours and characteristics of young people according to their feelings, body image and self-esteem. Discussion: The findings of the study are discussed and questions are raised about the state of the art for future research.

He is Professor of the Department of Theory of Education and Social Pedagogy at the UNED. Director of the International Doctoral School. Principal Investigator of the Socio-educational Intervention Group of the UNED (REF: GI17); member of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on professional teaching competences (REF: 949562) of the UCM and the Community of Madrid. He is also Director of the Teaching Innovation Group EDIT (GIC 2017-9) of the UNED. He teaches on the Bachelor's Degree in Social Education, as well as on the Master's Degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training and on the Master's Degree in Educational Intervention in Social Contexts.

He has published more than 170 manuscripts in scientific journals and publishing houses of national and international prestige. He is Editor-in-Chief of Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria and Associate Editor of the journal Educación XX1; Revista de Psicología y Educación; Associate Editor of the Physical Education Teaching Area in the journal RICYDE (Revista Internacional de Ciencias del Deporte) and of the journal Frontiers in Psychology.



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