José Jesús Gázquez Linares
University of Almeria / UNED Almeria, Spain

Analysis of personal competences in Secondary Education: Advancing the promotion of psychosocial well-being of students and teachers.

Participants:  María del Carmen Pérez Fuentes; María del Mar Molero Jurado; Ana Belén Barragán Martín; María del Mar Simón Márquez; África Martos Martínez; Maria Sisto; Pablo Molina Moreno

The education system is facing great challenges in recent times. Transformations can be observed in the dynamics of the teaching-learning processes, moving from methodologies based on the transmission of contents to other ways of proceeding oriented towards the association of knowledge, competences and values, where the involvement of students as the protagonist of their own learning is pursued. This is why issues such as the prevention of risk behaviour and the improvement of personal competences for the improvement of the psychosocial well-being of students (and also of teachers), are presented as priority objectives in the planning of educational actions. From this integrative perspective of development, it is necessary to have solid scientific evidence to support new initiatives in education. This symposium contains different papers, both empirical analysis and systematic review, as well as the proposal of different innovative initiatives that have been implemented with secondary school students. They give visibility to the different variables that make up the personal competences worked on in the educational field to favour the development of students and teachers in Secondary Education. Finally, a project is presented for the promotion of the integral wellbeing of adolescents, from a positive approach, with the development of innovative tools for the prevention of problematic behaviour, such as violence and consumption.

University Professor in Developmental and Educational Psychology. Director of the UNED in Almeria. He has been Director of the Secretariat of the University for Older Adults, and Director of the Department of Psychology at the UAL. Director of the European Journal of Education and Psychology, he is part of the Editorial Board of several scientific publications included in different international databases. Author of more than 100 scientific articles (JCR, ESCI, SCOPUS, etc.), editor of more than 60 books, and author of more than 200 book chapters, multiple teaching materials and contributions to conferences and papers. Principal Investigator of several R&D&I projects, National and Regional Excellence projects, and member of the team with intellectual property of the Cognitive Stimulation and Emotional Intelligence Programme. Director of multiple doctoral theses, master's, degree and bachelor's degree final projects. Organiser and president of multiple congresses since 2005 related to education, psychology and health.



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