Estibaliz Aragón Mendizábal
University of Cádiz, Spain

New lines of research in mathematical cognition.

Participants: Josetxu Orrantia; María del Carmen Canto-López;Carlos Mera; Estibaliz Aragón

Introduction: Specialists in education and educational research focus on providing answers to the needs of students in mathematics. To this end, new lines of research are opening up with the aim of providing new methods and resources that adapt to the educational reality, thus contextualising learning through the use of technological tools and new methodological strategies. Likewise, in a cross-cutting manner, it is important to address the social variables that revolve around student learning and analyse the impact they have on mathematical performance. Methods: In order to shed light on the subject, several studies are presented that shed new light on this area of knowledge, in relation to numerical knowledge of fractions. On the other hand, evidence is presented on the use of digital applications aimed at improving mathematical learning at an early age. As well as the influence of the implementation of alternative teaching-learning strategies in mathematics, considering the gender gap. Results: The results show progress in the area of study on mathematical cognition, specifically on the understanding of numerical magnitudes, the effectiveness of digital resources complementary to learning and the implementation of teaching methodologies. Discussion: The new lines of research in mathematical learning and the findings presented corroborate the need to take into consideration cognitive processes and the use of gamified resources in the approach to mathematics teaching-learning methodologies. These findings should be transferred to the educational community and can be applied to educational practice in schools. Finally, attending to the improvement of education, specifically in mathematical competences, will result in satisfactory benefits for students and for society in general.

Estíbaliz Aragón Mendizábal holds a PhD in Social and Legal Sciences from the University of Cádiz (2014), (R.D. 1393/2007) with a mention of excellence (published in BOE 20/10/11). Degree in Psychology from the UNED (2008), and Diploma in Nursing from the University of Cadiz (2009). She obtained a Master's degree in Psychological Intervention in risk contexts from the University of Cadiz (2010) with an extraordinary award. With regard to her international projection and collaboration, she has a three-month pre-doctoral stay in 2012, with the research group of Dr. Maria Chiara Passolunghi at the University of Trieste (Italy), and two post-doctoral stays of one month each in 2018 and 2019 at the University of Concepción (Chile) directed by Professor Dr. Gamal Cerda Etchepare, expert in research methodology.



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